Welcome To My World!

Welcome To My World!

Welcome my dear soul!

Hello Prettiness, Hello Debonair!


Let me bring you on to a world of wonder

Forget your surroundings,

Come on over, to this world of good

There exist here no greed, no jealousy


Goodness is dripping everywhere on this planet

Find it in the water

For it is not polluted

Find it in the soil

It is not contaminated

Find it in the people

They are not complex


We have with us in abundance,

All due time

Because Time is money

A green note isn’t.


We have with us the greatest treasure

that which is precious to the mankind

It is called Love

For no Love can replace Gold.


We have our source of strength

The pillar of support

that holds us and protects us,

We have with us, Faith!


We do not know what hunger is

Neither have we experienced poverty

Because we worship Her, we surrender to Her

She is our Mother Nature.


We see comfort in the land,

We relax in the sand

We find peace in the waters

We don’t see them in (anything made of) metals


Happiness is soaked in us

We smile and the Sun smiles back

We are simple

We are happy.


Our planet and not our purses

is filled with green,

And maybe such a planet, would now

to you all be a distant dream.




For you have surrendered to technology,

forgotten all simplicity,

you have pulled the band to its elasticity

you don’t exist without electricity


And you blame of lack of sleep

you talk about stress that is deep

You don’t realise that one day 

you shall face your own destruction


Hail Mother Nature,

She is the Mother of all Gods,

Pray for her support

and try to preserve what is good for you.


For you do good to her,

she would return the love,

just like how you can ‘follow’ this fellow blogger

and she would do it too! 😀


Welcome again to the World I spin!





Hello there! Its been quite sometime since I posted. Well I have my ACCA exams coming up and Im too busy, too stressed preparing for the same. I hardly found time to even sign in to my blog. Well today evening, I decided to do a bit of writing. But you could say I was tooo disturbed. I opened a draft and I was blinking at the textbox. No I could not continue.

Stress…Stress.. This word takes most of our happiness away. De-stress they say. I do not know how you do that. Neither do I have the patience to do the same. I was virtually aimlessly browsing through pages and suddenly a small youtube suggestion caught my eye.

To me, All religions of course mean the same. Having been brought up in a Hindu family, I can of course more relate to hinduism and the Hindu Gods. This link did the magic. I was sitting idly and listening to the audio and yes, you could say calmness dawned on me and crept up slowly into my system.

Well, when I googled, a lot many sites told about the benefits of ‘OM/AUM’ mantra and its spiritual healing. They were far too heavy for me to gain a true understanding. Too spiritual.

But the actual reason behind this post was a ‘comment’ on the link. In fact quite a few comments, that expressed the liking for this despite differences in religion. God is One. I thought I could share this to those following my blog, to spread some peace after all. 🙂




Words Left Unsaid – Random as it can get!

Words Left Unsaid – Random as it can get!

Behind my smile, the bright smile I flash

Behind my smile are words.

Words than run through my head,

Words left unsaid.

For Time shall give an answer

An answer that will answer all doubts raised.

An answer that will move away the cloud of suspicion

An answer that will give you the ray of hope.


But my friend, lets just hope

Time does not take his own time

Lets just hope it is all said

before we lose the moment.


Broken hearts, welled up tears

shall be cleared

May trust be restored

May love flourish


I’d wait till then,

I would pray to the gleaming sun

To give back what was taken

To redecorate the lost colour

To rebuild the broken bond

To come back better and strong.

For Some things are better left unspoken…..



So why? you ask me? Why…why…*flashback*

So why? you ask me? Why…why…*flashback*

A ZTH challenge – Why did I start a blog?


Well, to be honest,  I was quite bored! 😛 This was the prime reason behind this blog.

Just as I’ve stated in my ‘Introduction’ and ‘about’ posts, I fell in love with English..long long long ago! And the fabulous fairy tale demanded that I express my love to have the relationship with ‘English’ alive and sweet! 😛

There were these few who told me my pieces of writings were good. You can check them out too on the links in your left hand side! 😛 My first piece of proper writing had many many admirers. I was out of touch with the art of writing until a while ago. I wrote less often and sometimes I even felt I had lost the ‘flow’. So I decided to put it all back in action and stay in touch with the art. I do have plans for writing a novel, maybe blogging would help me improve myself as a writer. Maybe professionalism would creep in.. o.O

Also I’m having quite sometime for myself now. I thought I need to utilise it well and tone up at least one skill of mine. That coupled with, some ‘hard pushes’ from friends had me blogging! ^_^ and I’m Lovin’ It!!


ZTH Challenge! Hello there!

ZTH Challenge! Hello there!

Well Hello guys!

I’m a few days old to blogging and here I am pursuing this challenge that wordpress offers.

The name of my blog might well suggest you what is is – Of (my) Wishes and Whines. But yes, we do not always stick to a set of genres do we? I do have a lot many things that keep running in my head and I jot them down every now and then. But a few told me maybe i should preserve these, for my own sake and also show it out to those who have similar interests. So I opened this blog exactly as on Apr 1 😀

I did not expect to gather the kind of response that I have gathered today. I’ve reached 700+ views and around 150 followers. I still wonder if I am dreaming. All the same, I wanted to propagate my blog because it is here that I could possibly express anything and everything. So the ZTH challenge sounded pretty interesting and I’ve signed up for the same.

So who am I? A 20yr old girl with lots of varied interests. I am currently doing a creative writing project along with a few others. I recently fell in love with cooking and photography as well. I am pursuing ACCA and I go to classes for the same. I stay in the UAE.

The purpose of my blog? Well, I have wide Interests and the biggest of them all – English.My love for the language never decreases. The idea is to express my thoughts, rantings, wishes and whines! 🙂

Hope I fare well and interest many of you readers in the ZTH challenge!

Take due care!



The Unbreakable Bond

The Unbreakable Bond

8th june 1993.

11:18 pm

I was scared. I did not know what this journey would offer me. I did not know the purpose of this journey. I had no clue as to what I should do in this planet. I only knew that I existed within someone and I knew her voice. I’ve been hearing this voice for the past 9 months. She would talk to me..in a strange language. I wouldn’t understand what. All that I know is she would not harm me.

In two minutes, I was told I would start this fearsome journey. The Gods above asked me if I am ready. I said ” I do not know why you are sending me away to some strange place. I do not know anybody there. Please stay with me.”

They said “Our angel is there in that planet. It is her voice that you have been hearing all this while. You will remain close to her and she will take care of you.”

I said ” And how do I call her?”

They smiled at me and said,” In your language, you would call her ‘Amma’. She is your Mother. She will stay with you forever through your life and guide you through your ups and downs.”

I was then duly blessed by all the angels above and sent into this planet. I wondered who the lady was and how she looked. I wondered how much she would guide me, how much she would love me. My head was full of questions, until bright light blinded my eyes. I couldn’t see clearly. I could feel someones hands around me, but they were harsh. I later learnt that it must have been the doctor’s hands. I was then wrapped in some material and shown to others. Many human faces stared at me and I stared back not knowing why. Everything looked so strange.

Someone then kissed me on my forehead. He was smiling and he seemed familiar for no reason. I call him Daddy.

I was taken away from him, washed and set below a table lamp to get due warmth. And then a finger crept up to my folded hands. I instantly knew who she was. I held her finger tight. I knew her touch. I knew how she was. Her gaze fell upon me and I was holding on to her tightly. I felt safe. Love you Amma. 


She would carry me all day long. She would Kiss me lovingly every time. She took enough care of me. I never had to worry about anything. She taught me to speak the language we speak – Tamil. And maybe that is why it is my Mothertongue. She admired me when I tried to crawl.  She taught me how to walk.

As I grew she taught me to read and write. I still remember the time she would anxiously await the arrival of my school bus and lift me off the stairs of the bus with a tight hug and a kiss. She soon did the same thing all over again with a different child, my brother.

I have of course had a lot of tugs with her during my teens. I still  fight with her at times. But she does put up with me always and forgives me for my mistakes. And I eventually walked past all the difficulties of school and college with her guidance.

With time, I learnt the difficulties she had faced and I swore I would always be there for her. The difference is this-  I had to swear that I would stay with her no matter what and she never swore, it was implied from the day I was born wasn’t it? 🙂 ❤

The Gods above were right. They sent down an angel to take due care of me, to teach me what is wrong and what is right. To love me unconditionally and correct me where I make a mistake. She is the reason behind my existence. We indeed joyfully share an unbreakable bond.

Love you Mom! And this was just my way of expressing my love and wishing you a Happy Birthday!! Stay with me forever! :-*



5 DrEAm DeSTinaTionS!!

5 DrEAm DeSTinaTionS!!

Travelling always turns on the wild little girl in me. Me + My camera + Travel to exotic places. What more do I need in life? 😉 I have always wanted to visit places that are least visited.

My trip with my family to Ladakh was primarily because of the picturesque sites that it had to offer. I should say the Pangong Lake, the Magnetic hill as well as the White sands of Hunder were the one of the best places I have ever been to. I wouldn’t mind repeating that entire tour all over again. But, there are other places that have to be visited too.

You could say I’m an adventure tourist, but I would say it is the scenery and the landscape, the comfort it offers to my tired eyes and the freshness it gives my mind are the reasons behind such choices.

The top 5 destinations I want to visit within my own homeland are:

1. The Roopkund Lake:

I am sure this would send chills down my spine. Yet, I have always wanted to visit this lake. It is more known as the ‘skeleton lake’ as it houses too many skeleton remains. It was apparently discovered by a british forest guard in 1942. The cause for so many skeletons is yet unknown. A few locals believe it must have been landslides, a few have a belief that The Goddess of the region punished outsiders who defiled her mountain’s sanctuary by raining hailstones on them and killing them. The most recent expedition (2004) identified that all of them were killed in the very same way and wounded in exactly the same manner. The area as such is also very inhospitable and terrain. A trek across the region would be very one of a kind and memorable. The very fact that it is a hostile region makes it very adventurous and interesting. 😀


2. Great Rann of Kutch:

The great Rann of Kutch is located in the Thar Desert. It is very famous for its Salt Marshes. There are two sides to this visit.

One, The Rann Utsav, which is an annual festive season where the tourists get a taste of the lifestyle of the locals. The festival, known for its bright colors and vibrance, offers various aspects of the Kutch culture – one gets to see the local folk dance, stay in live-in tents, take up camel safaris, shop for handicrafts, watch artisans work and have a complete time.

I would love to cover this space all by myself!
I would love to cover this space all by myself!

Two, The white salt desert is just tooo open. It is nothingness filled with white. Maybe that is why this place has always caught my awe. Its is a mysterious, wide, open and limitless region or wasteland between India and Pakistan.

3. The Gravity Defying Palace, Lucknow –Bara Imambara:

The place is almost always known for its mystery. The name by itself has always had me puzzled. It is said that one might get lost easily in this grand monument. Its architecture is mesmerizing and is a perfect blend mix of european and arab architecture where the central hall which is over 15mts tall does not have any beams or pillars supporting it. And the structure stands firm. It has strange entry and exit points or dead ends cropping up out of the blue.

I have visited the gravity-defying magnetic hill at ladakh. This is on my cards now! 😀


The Gravity Defying Palace
The Gravity Defying Palace

4. Canyoneering at Vihigaon Waterfalls, Maharashtra!

The Western Ghats are always known for the number of rivers and streams that pass through them. The Vihigaon Falls offer canyoneering against the water amidst deeply set thick forests! How more could we bond with nature? This would turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. Water repelling gives the thrill of suspension with the waters lashing against you.  I would definitely want to visit here before I have a white hair on my head!


5. Majuli – Assam:

This place doesn’t offer anything too adventurous. All the same it is a very calm and beautiful place and the largest riverine area in the world fuelled by the Brahmaputra. A must visit for those who follow vaishnavism  because today this place is the principal seat of Vaishnavite Faith. The Satras follow Ekasarana Dharma – Recite the name of the Lord and eliminate vedic and other esoteric rites of worship.  There are 22 satras that exist today. A walk down the villages of the areas show the simplicity with which people live- something we have forgotten in this predominantly technological and dynamic world of ours. Majuli also offers an exotic spread of biodiversity such as the pelicans and whistling teal. Maybe this would keep me close to nature and away from all the hustle and bustle. Peace Guaranteed.


This could keep me and my Camera busy for days! *dreamy eyes*

I hope to visit these places soon and then have the next 5 destinations on my list for India has no dearth for Exotic Places!