For Life Without You is Worse than Death

For Life Without You is Worse than Death

That was the magic I awaited for. The time we walked, not just us- the nature carried our bonded souls. We walked deep into the woods. I was fearless because I was with you.  I was ready to give my life and die with you.


We walked past all resistance, all obstacles and people we call relatives. We walked past blood relations only to create the ultimate earthly yet heavenly bond between us.


We walked as the dried leaves and twigs crunched beneath our feet. We walked not knowing where we were heading. All that I wanted is the comfort of your arms. I wanted to lie on your arms and rest in peace.


I have seen the worst in life only to stay with you.

For we are all the human kind, why is there a difference in us?

Is falling in love a crime?

Did we take along nature’s fury as well?


In the distance I could hear waves lashing, we were still walking holding hands. Your grip, yes that was all that I wanted. To cling on to you till my last breath.

The woods opened up to the most beautiful scene I had ever seen in life. A lake so deep streamlined the icy mountains on its either sides. It gave me so much glee to have been bestowed to see this paradise on earth with you. I was lost in the beauty when you slipped your hand along the curve of my hip and pulled me closer. I stayed there listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat and the lapping sounds of the water.


I could differentiate the speed of the water lapping, as the lapping had now grown to boiling. That gave me the clue- the nature was against me and you.


On the other side, we could hear the noises of our kith and kin. Yet, we were calm, in a state of peace. Our eyes met and yours bored deep into my heart! Yes, I wanted to get lost in your eyes. Your pretty eyes lowered to my lips and in a swift moment our lips met.        Hell broke loose.


The water was boiling and the breeze went wild. We still had not broken apart. We held on to each other tightly. And you whispered the three magical words, words I had lived for- I Love You.

A sword flicked past us. We realized death awaited us. I muttered silent prayers to Mother Nature, yet I was not scared, not as long as you were with me.

Then the wonder happened. A whirlwind from nowhere came in our direction and the last thing I saw was your eyes. They were clouded with worry.

Your eyes, Followed by emptiness. I had the last sight of you and I smiled to death. Welcome death.

For life without you is worse than death.

We rise up to see our bodies in the water.We watch the human kind leave our bodies and find their way back. Our love was not mere human love. It was love of souls.

And here we are, happy to have been killed by nature than by swords. No death can now split us apart. We have our life full of love after death.

And I will always love you.






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