The Unbreakable Bond

The Unbreakable Bond

8th june 1993.

11:18 pm

I was scared. I did not know what this journey would offer me. I did not know the purpose of this journey. I had no clue as to what I should do in this planet. I only knew that I existed within someone and I knew her voice. I’ve been hearing this voice for the past 9 months. She would talk to a strange language. I wouldn’t understand what. All that I know is she would not harm me.

In two minutes, I was told I would start this fearsome journey. The Gods above asked me if I am ready. I said ” I do not know why you are sending me away to some strange place. I do not know anybody there. Please stay with me.”

They said “Our angel is there in that planet. It is her voice that you have been hearing all this while. You will remain close to her and she will take care of you.”

I said ” And how do I call her?”

They smiled at me and said,” In your language, you would call her ‘Amma’. She is your Mother. She will stay with you forever through your life and guide you through your ups and downs.”

I was then duly blessed by all the angels above and sent into this planet. I wondered who the lady was and how she looked. I wondered how much she would guide me, how much she would love me. My head was full of questions, until bright light blinded my eyes. I couldn’t see clearly. I could feel someones hands around me, but they were harsh. I later learnt that it must have been the doctor’s hands. I was then wrapped in some material and shown to others. Many human faces stared at me and I stared back not knowing why. Everything looked so strange.

Someone then kissed me on my forehead. He was smiling and he seemed familiar for no reason. I call him Daddy.

I was taken away from him, washed and set below a table lamp to get due warmth. And then a finger crept up to my folded hands. I instantly knew who she was. I held her finger tight. I knew her touch. I knew how she was. Her gaze fell upon me and I was holding on to her tightly. I felt safe. Love you Amma. 


She would carry me all day long. She would Kiss me lovingly every time. She took enough care of me. I never had to worry about anything. She taught me to speak the language we speak – Tamil. And maybe that is why it is my Mothertongue. She admired me when I tried to crawl.  She taught me how to walk.

As I grew she taught me to read and write. I still remember the time she would anxiously await the arrival of my school bus and lift me off the stairs of the bus with a tight hug and a kiss. She soon did the same thing all over again with a different child, my brother.

I have of course had a lot of tugs with her during my teens. I still  fight with her at times. But she does put up with me always and forgives me for my mistakes. And I eventually walked past all the difficulties of school and college with her guidance.

With time, I learnt the difficulties she had faced and I swore I would always be there for her. The difference is this-  I had to swear that I would stay with her no matter what and she never swore, it was implied from the day I was born wasn’t it? 🙂 ❤

The Gods above were right. They sent down an angel to take due care of me, to teach me what is wrong and what is right. To love me unconditionally and correct me where I make a mistake. She is the reason behind my existence. We indeed joyfully share an unbreakable bond.

Love you Mom! And this was just my way of expressing my love and wishing you a Happy Birthday!! Stay with me forever! :-*




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