So why? you ask me? Why…why…*flashback*

So why? you ask me? Why…why…*flashback*

A ZTH challenge – Why did I start a blog?


Well, to be honest,  I was quite bored! 😛 This was the prime reason behind this blog.

Just as I’ve stated in my ‘Introduction’ and ‘about’ posts, I fell in love with English..long long long ago! And the fabulous fairy tale demanded that I express my love to have the relationship with ‘English’ alive and sweet! 😛

There were these few who told me my pieces of writings were good. You can check them out too on the links in your left hand side! 😛 My first piece of proper writing had many many admirers. I was out of touch with the art of writing until a while ago. I wrote less often and sometimes I even felt I had lost the ‘flow’. So I decided to put it all back in action and stay in touch with the art. I do have plans for writing a novel, maybe blogging would help me improve myself as a writer. Maybe professionalism would creep in.. o.O

Also I’m having quite sometime for myself now. I thought I need to utilise it well and tone up at least one skill of mine. That coupled with, some ‘hard pushes’ from friends had me blogging! ^_^ and I’m Lovin’ It!!



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