Welcome To My World!

Welcome To My World!

Welcome my dear soul!

Hello Prettiness, Hello Debonair!


Let me bring you on to a world of wonder

Forget your surroundings,

Come on over, to this world of good

There exist here no greed, no jealousy


Goodness is dripping everywhere on this planet

Find it in the water

For it is not polluted

Find it in the soil

It is not contaminated

Find it in the people

They are not complex


We have with us in abundance,

All due time

Because Time is money

A green note isn’t.


We have with us the greatest treasure

that which is precious to the mankind

It is called Love

For no Love can replace Gold.


We have our source of strength

The pillar of support

that holds us and protects us,

We have with us, Faith!


We do not know what hunger is

Neither have we experienced poverty

Because we worship Her, we surrender to Her

She is our Mother Nature.


We see comfort in the land,

We relax in the sand

We find peace in the waters

We don’t see them in (anything made of) metals


Happiness is soaked in us

We smile and the Sun smiles back

We are simple

We are happy.


Our planet and not our purses

is filled with green,

And maybe such a planet, would now

to you all be a distant dream.




For you have surrendered to technology,

forgotten all simplicity,

you have pulled the band to its elasticity

you don’t exist without electricity


And you blame of lack of sleep

you talk about stress that is deep

You don’t realise that one day 

you shall face your own destruction


Hail Mother Nature,

She is the Mother of all Gods,

Pray for her support

and try to preserve what is good for you.


For you do good to her,

she would return the love,

just like how you can ‘follow’ this fellow blogger

and she would do it too! 😀


Welcome again to the World I spin!



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