An Indispire Topic

Well Firstly, I’d like to thank Ms. HAIMANTI DUTTA RAY for the topic. This is one topic where I have some hard views and one topic that I am very firm about. Endless debates, endless news updates, there doesn’t seem a ray of hope to this darkness that has loomed over our country in particular. Well, statistics do say that one girl gets raped every 22nd minute. This is probably the most disheartening statistics that a free nation can project. However, much to the wrong assumptions of India being termed ‘the rape capital’ today, there is a positive side to this. The fact that, with an increase in education, with widespread awareness and the boldness that has crept into the systems of the women in the country, there are more number of instances that get REPORTED than hidden. The conviction rate is around 24%  of the reported cases which is seemingly better as compared to a 7% or 10% of the reported cases in UK and France respectively.

Having said that there are fundamental differences to our society as compared to a western society.

Firstly, we belong to the land that worships women. It is depressing to see the respect lost for women over time. For they are more idolised these days are sex symbols than fellow human beings, thanks to Indian Cinema. If only you depict women in powerful characters than in item numbers and clubs/discotheques, shall the respect for women improve. I would also blame heroines who are ready to get exploited for money. If they were good citizens, and do have concerns over the nation, they would not give their consent to do roles that have no roles but exposure, literally. The result of this, do not affect the silver screen sweeties, but drive the desires and attention of males towards common women.

The male brain functions in an entirely different manner. A woman’s dressing definitely does catch the attention of males. We belong to a society that is not totally used to short skirts and tight blouses. Our code has traditionally been good enough to cover a woman up (mostly) like a saree or a salwar. I am not  trying to tell that a woman in a free society shouldn’t sport such dresses. But yes, in the interest of her own safety, it is better a woman first prioritizes her security over fashion. At least try wearing such dresses to ‘elite’ places and not just walk on the roads sporting them. Not in the night, definitely. It is upto you to first safeguard yourself than walking in rallies later seeking protection. I do not want to here support the motion that says ‘Don’t get raped instead of Don’t rape’. I only request women to take care of themselves.


Other reasons, of course lie with the rapists themselves. There are a number of reasons for a person to rape a woman, either individually or in a group. These range from reasons as lame as chauvinism – the inability to accept women in a modern day atmosphere. The inability to see a modern woman, holding a senior position and the drive to dominate her, only to prove the male supremacy. This especially in a group is going to make things far more worse because of the reassurance of different hands laid in the crime. With changes in the society, there definitely do pop up extremists and characters that fail to adhere to the regular behavior. Such cases turn out to be involved in horrendous crimes as this.

The Law: I personally feel a five year imprisonment as given currently, does not do much or act as a deterrent. A capital punishment is definitely necessary to bring down increased rates of rape. Spare the rod, you spoil the man, a woman’s life and the society.

And The Goddamn Activists who spoil things for the nation. There are these Mother Teressas of our nation who are against any capital punishment and who feature in TV debates and talk high. Maybe they would realise the pain and the depth of such instances in a woman’s life if they/their loved ones experience it. When a juvenile can commit as big a crime as rape, why protect him under juvenility? Why protect a man who had behaved like an animal against capital punishment? Why can’t a person be hanged for the crime committed? Politicians have their own role in supporting, encouraging rapes or discouraging capital punishment – both of which aren’t going to do any good to the nation.

The society’s perceptions on women have to change. They should be respected as individuals than sex symbols. I can go one step further and say dowries are also a reason for such objectionable behaviour. If You trade a woman for money and riches, how would you respect her?

Let us join hands, create awareness and educate our children to be better citizens and nice human beings.

 Real Men Do not Rape!



The Five Elements.

The Five Elements.

She sat there. In the sun and sand. In the middle of this vast land. She did not feel the heat, she did not feel any pain. She did not hear any noise because she was eaten. Engulfed and well digested by silence.

She would not utter a word. Not one word. Maybe she felt she should have been born deaf and dumb. Life for a person like her would have been better that way. No noise. No quarrels. No fights. No rebels. No harsh words taken. Nothing. That was what she was heading for, now.

For Life hadn’t thrown lemons at her, it had thrown boulders.

It broke the wings of the social butterfly, it threw away all the charm from her pretty face, it blew away all the expressions from her face, it took away all the light from her eyes and her room, it blessed her with pure pain and sorrow. It sucked all the good out of her like a leech. Or maybe like a kid sucking an empty juice pack.

She didn’t blame others. She blamed herself. Like Akon just did as her Ipod played ‘Sorry blame it on me‘. Or maybe she blamed the time. It is easier to blame time and get away with it isn’t it? Thats what people she loved did, too.

She sat and she sat. The clocked ticked away. Tears rolled down her pink cheeks. But there was something about this hollow void feeling that she liked. She wasn’t disturbed. She was left to her own self. Her own free will. Who really cared if she existed or not?They said Man is a social animal. Animals fight like crazy, they did not say. But she liked this solitude.


She looked up at the sky. The vastness and the simplicity that she put forth. Maybe, her life was like the sky. Sometimes some clouds drop by. Sometimes a few clouds mind their own business. Sometimes dark ones block light. Sometimes a few shed rain from her eyes. Sometimes the sky is cloudless. Empty and rich in color. Hollow and wide. But she adorned something precious. The Sun. There had to be a sun in her life too. As it was nearing dusk, she saw that even the sun leaves the sky alone for sometime.

This too shall pass. The sky didn’t care did she? She gladly accepts Sun back, the next morning.

The Sun on the other hand, was so powerful. It is the biggest ball of fire. It burns itself continuously to dawn light on us. It does throw heat onto us, but it so really supports life on this planet. What would we do without the sun? But great people also make mistakes. The mighty sun does hurt the sky, repeatedly. Or maybe is he giving the sky some time for itself? But he did his duties right and there was ‘fire in his belly’. His meticulousness is commendable.

She looked at the beach waters. The waves were lapping and gurgling at her. The waters stretched so much over the horizon. The sea continually made noise. She kept everyone happy. She gave space for many beings. She lit up the faces of many kids and had them happy. The waters fostered romance amongst couples. She was fresh, alive, roaring and cool. It lightened the atmosphere.

Should she follow the sky, the sun or the sea?

The beach sand then caught her attention. He was deep. There were a few who came to visit him. Usually the waters were given preference. The waters lashed at him too. They sniggered at him and beat hard against him. They had the sand wet and the sand dried himself up. Again they made him wet, and he dried. This was almost a continuous process and sand never got tired of it. Such Patience.

So the sand has something to tell me too.

The winds blew gently and refreshed her. She breathed deeply. Winds. They were pleasant or horrendous. They could be sweet or destructive. They could gently touch you or throw you away. They had the might and they chose what they should do to you. They spared a few and spoilt a few. They knew to exercise their judgement. But without winds, this place would be vacuumed. It would be incomplete. The winds ‘kept it going’.

So maybe it is the wind after all??

She was confused. Someone called her. It was a tiny lovely girl. She came up to her and smiled. She smiled back too. The little girl kissed her on the cheek and said ‘I love you’. And suddenly the little girl hugged her tight.

She sat there frozen at the sudden display of affection. It was night by now and she did not know how time had passed. Tears rolled down her cheeks again. She kissed the child on her forehead. She asked her ‘What do you love the most?’ The little girl said, “everything”.

“Everything? ”

“Yes I love everything” she said. She smiled and repeated slowly “ev-ery-thing”

Saying that she looked at her for sometime. There was something about the child. There was Godliness in her innocence. Her eyes were too bright. Too livid. Her smile was too meaningful. She seemed too pretty and too lovely. The child rubbed the tears off her cheeks and said “I am here.”

Saying that she ran. She ran like a lightning. In no seconds, she vanished. She vanished into thin air.

The woman here had goosebumps popping all through her otherwise smooth skin. She could now fit in the Puzzle. She had seen something out of the world and extraordinary this day. This day that had thrown emptiness at her had also given her a lesson. She had to learn from “everything”. Everything, meaning the sky, the sun, the sand, the waters and the wind. She had to be a mix of all this. And the right mix would make her someone as lovely as the beach. Man has to have all the qualities of the five elements of Mother Nature.

She had to learn and she would. As for the little girl, We all know who she was. 🙂