My Tresses. Me. I so needed the TRESemmé!

My Tresses. Me. I so needed the TRESemmé!

“Lara! Are you up already? I thought we could have a great day together!” said the smooth voice over the speaker of my phone. I had barely opened my eyes and..*yawwwnnn*

“Lara? Are you there! I have this entire day planned already!” said the voice with extreme enthusiasm

“Morning Chris!” I said in a hollow voice.

“Jesus! Who is Chris now?”

” Oh! Andy! sorry man I thought you were Chris!” I woke up with a start and tried to brush away all the hair from my face.

“Im not Andy either!” said the voice with a tinge of disappointment.

I rubbed my eyes in haste and took a look at my phone. To my horror, it was Brian!


“Umm..oh sorry Brian! I..err.. my hair kinda covered my face and my ears too..and so..err i mistook you to be Chris… I was sleeping.. I..well didnt know it had dawned..and..” I broke off there.

He said “That’s fine totally! I understand! I thought we could just meet up if you are willing.”

“Of Course” I said. Too quick. Control your emotions Lara!

So we made plans and I cut the call. I was all too energised to go and I went on to say hello to the mirror. I probably should have said hello to horror.

My hair looked as horrible as this: *scroll down*





My face wasnt this bad dont worry!
My face wasn’t this bad thankfully!

You must have guessed Brian is my huge crush but here I am looking so dumb! Frizzy Hair and Split ends have been the biggest nightmares in life. Will I ever ever ever make an impression on Brian with such looks?

Trust me there is not anything that I haven’t tried to maintain my hair. The frizz would just not get controlled. Just as I was brooding over my hair I heard my cell phone beep. I was just in time to pick up the call. It was Brian again!

And the good news was.. yaay! His car had not started! 😛 so he would have the mechanic coming and attending to it. So I very magnanimously stated we could hang out another day, maybe after a fortnight since he had earlier stated that he would be busy. He agreed. Phew!

Now, I really really had to find a solution to my spoilt hair. It almost looked like the bristles of a broomstick. So I decided I would go find a solution, to get rid of these split ends. I cant afford to cut my long tresses. Despite the difficulty in maintenance I did not want to cut my hair. Never!

I tried googling home remedies, and found that either it took too long a time or I hardly had any of the ingredients, which meant I should go shopping and I was too lazy to be doing that.

Bill Gates once said ” I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person would find an easy way to do it.”

I couldn’t more agree with him. So I racked my brains and I suddenly remembered this female Rose in my workplace. I remembered ridiculing her mane, stating it was worse than mine. 😛 and in a few days’ time she had successfully gotten rid of all those split ends. I had been wanting to ask her the hair care tip, but I was busy with my official commitments.

So I called her up. “Hey Rose! Lara here” I said. She sounded very cheerful as she replied “Hey Lara! Im good! Your call was a pleasant surprise!”

I said “Yes. As much as you surprised me by changing the texture of your hair within a few days! It suddenly struck me that I could do the same as well. Please give me the secret behind your beautiful hair Miss Prettiness!”

She laughed softly and said “TRESemmé! Thats my secret!”

I opened my eyes widely. “TRESemmé? Isnt that supposed to be of salon standards? Is it okay to use it by yourself?”

“No! Please try out their Split Remedy Collection. It has everything – a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in conditioning spray to bind your ends, a leave-in split conditioning treatment as well as a split-end sealing serum!”

I said “Umm..won’t that cost a fortune?”

“Nope! It is really affordable trust me and you visibly see the results in three washes. You just witnessed it in my case!”

“three washes only?” I gasped. “Thats amazing!”

“Yes Lara it is. Your hair feels so soft glossy and adorable. It also has a very sweet scent that you simply cannot resist washing your hair. It is easily available in any store here or it is available online. You can buy it from ”

“Thanks a lot man. I will get it right away!” I said.

“Sure Lara. I have some work now. I will get back to you in sometime.”

“Sure! Take care!” I said and cut the call.

I said to myself “So three washes would mean I have enough time to impress Mr.Brian! 😛 Yaaay!”

TRESemmé! Here I come!

*Fast Forward a fortnight*

Here I am on my dinner date with Brian. He called it a date! 😉 His first compliment was “Your hair looks beautiful!!”

He assumed I must have visited a professional salon. Little did he know that with TRESemmé, you could bring salon standards home!

Well, the rest of the story has to go on. I dont really know if I love Brian or TRESemmé more! 😀 Goodbye Split Ends!