An IndiSpire Post


The letters ‘R-I-C-H’, I am sure is going to send down trails of thoughts down your brain stem. To some it would mean money, to some it would mean unhappiness. To some it may mean yachts and cars while to some it would mean three full meals a day. To him, being rich would mean being like his dad, but to her it may mean luxury at the cost of her parents’ love. To that lady, it may mean flaunting diamonds while to that Aged Mother, it would mean having all her family around, unlike now! Well everyone has their own definition, their own presumptions, assumptions, dreams and hopes.

I hope here to not sound too goody-good, but Riches I feel are not Monetary Riches. A RICH heart is better any day than richer pockets. I could only more relate to an ad that I came across and that really had me wonder stuck. Kindly take time to view it here. It is quite a popular ad and I’m sure most of you would have seen it.

Be Rich in the sense,

Be Righteous – For your ethics and morals are the base over which all other Value additions are made. Being principled and morally upright is hard. You would be made fun of; you would be a non-conformist amidst regular non-conformists (you would seem an Idiot only to the real Idiots). You demand the kind of Respect that no money can buy when you are Righteous.

Be Intellectual – Correct me if I am wrong if I say, being intellectual needn’t necessarily mean being a bookworm or being aware of the biological name for everything that you come across or being able to calculate the hardest of mathematical problems in a jiffy. Intelligence and Intellect are often confused. Being open, having wide interests, being imaginative and insightful is being intellectual. Making the best use of all your limited resources, specifically time and duly distinguishing between what is good and bad is being intellectual. ‘People who shine from within do not need the Spotlight!’

be rich

Be Caring– Enough said. Be affectionate, caring and love the dear souls around you. A rich man is one whose absence would really be felt for. A rich man is one who wins more hearts than dollars.

(and above all,)

Be Human– Be compassionate. Love everyone around you, learn to forgive and enjoy life’s essences. There are too many people, but very few Human Beings. 🙂 Be Rich, stay happy.  😀