The Five Elements.

The Five Elements.

She sat there. In the sun and sand. In the middle of this vast land. She did not feel the heat, she did not feel any pain. She did not hear any noise because she was eaten. Engulfed and well digested by silence.

She would not utter a word. Not one word. Maybe she felt she should have been born deaf and dumb. Life for a person like her would have been better that way. No noise. No quarrels. No fights. No rebels. No harsh words taken. Nothing. That was what she was heading for, now.

For Life hadn’t thrown lemons at her, it had thrown boulders.

It broke the wings of the social butterfly, it threw away all the charm from her pretty face, it blew away all the expressions from her face, it took away all the light from her eyes and her room, it blessed her with pure pain and sorrow. It sucked all the good out of her like a leech. Or maybe like a kid sucking an empty juice pack.

She didn’t blame others. She blamed herself. Like Akon just did as her Ipod played ‘Sorry blame it on me‘. Or maybe she blamed the time. It is easier to blame time and get away with it isn’t it? Thats what people she loved did, too.

She sat and she sat. The clocked ticked away. Tears rolled down her pink cheeks. But there was something about this hollow void feeling that she liked. She wasn’t disturbed. She was left to her own self. Her own free will. Who really cared if she existed or not?They said Man is a social animal. Animals fight like crazy, they did not say. But she liked this solitude.


She looked up at the sky. The vastness and the simplicity that she put forth. Maybe, her life was like the sky. Sometimes some clouds drop by. Sometimes a few clouds mind their own business. Sometimes dark ones block light. Sometimes a few shed rain from her eyes. Sometimes the sky is cloudless. Empty and rich in color. Hollow and wide. But she adorned something precious. The Sun. There had to be a sun in her life too. As it was nearing dusk, she saw that even the sun leaves the sky alone for sometime.

This too shall pass. The sky didn’t care did she? She gladly accepts Sun back, the next morning.

The Sun on the other hand, was so powerful. It is the biggest ball of fire. It burns itself continuously to dawn light on us. It does throw heat onto us, but it so really supports life on this planet. What would we do without the sun? But great people also make mistakes. The mighty sun does hurt the sky, repeatedly. Or maybe is he giving the sky some time for itself? But he did his duties right and there was ‘fire in his belly’. His meticulousness is commendable.

She looked at the beach waters. The waves were lapping and gurgling at her. The waters stretched so much over the horizon. The sea continually made noise. She kept everyone happy. She gave space for many beings. She lit up the faces of many kids and had them happy. The waters fostered romance amongst couples. She was fresh, alive, roaring and cool. It lightened the atmosphere.

Should she follow the sky, the sun or the sea?

The beach sand then caught her attention. He was deep. There were a few who came to visit him. Usually the waters were given preference. The waters lashed at him too. They sniggered at him and beat hard against him. They had the sand wet and the sand dried himself up. Again they made him wet, and he dried. This was almost a continuous process and sand never got tired of it. Such Patience.

So the sand has something to tell me too.

The winds blew gently and refreshed her. She breathed deeply. Winds. They were pleasant or horrendous. They could be sweet or destructive. They could gently touch you or throw you away. They had the might and they chose what they should do to you. They spared a few and spoilt a few. They knew to exercise their judgement. But without winds, this place would be vacuumed. It would be incomplete. The winds ‘kept it going’.

So maybe it is the wind after all??

She was confused. Someone called her. It was a tiny lovely girl. She came up to her and smiled. She smiled back too. The little girl kissed her on the cheek and said ‘I love you’. And suddenly the little girl hugged her tight.

She sat there frozen at the sudden display of affection. It was night by now and she did not know how time had passed. Tears rolled down her cheeks again. She kissed the child on her forehead. She asked her ‘What do you love the most?’ The little girl said, “everything”.

“Everything? ”

“Yes I love everything” she said. She smiled and repeated slowly “ev-ery-thing”

Saying that she looked at her for sometime. There was something about the child. There was Godliness in her innocence. Her eyes were too bright. Too livid. Her smile was too meaningful. She seemed too pretty and too lovely. The child rubbed the tears off her cheeks and said “I am here.”

Saying that she ran. She ran like a lightning. In no seconds, she vanished. She vanished into thin air.

The woman here had goosebumps popping all through her otherwise smooth skin. She could now fit in the Puzzle. She had seen something out of the world and extraordinary this day. This day that had thrown emptiness at her had also given her a lesson. She had to learn from “everything”. Everything, meaning the sky, the sun, the sand, the waters and the wind. She had to be a mix of all this. And the right mix would make her someone as lovely as the beach. Man has to have all the qualities of the five elements of Mother Nature.

She had to learn and she would. As for the little girl, We all know who she was. 🙂









They say angels exist. They are dressed in white, with wings and a halo. Not all men have the ability to identify their angel. My angel carries a red umbrella.


I see her everywhere. I see her all around me. I always see her with a red umbrella. She flutters away, and comes back with her umbrella. She lights my day, ends my night always clutching her umbrella tight. She sleeps only next to me and she kisses me to a good day. She walks with me, flies by my side, swings her arms to show her happiness and then shrugs her shoulders in shyness when I look at her and swirls around like a little tornado, with her red umbrella.

She has the most beautiful eyes. Her eyes speak to me. She never utters a word. Her eyes do the talking. They are heavily lidded and mesmerizing. Once I make a connection with them, words cease to exist. Everything including me seems more beautiful if her eyes reflect them.

She never leaves my side. She longs to hug and kiss me and hates it when I have people around me. She sits next to me at work and admires me holding that red umbrella. All that pours out from her gleaming innocent face is pure love. She blows kisses to me, kisses only I can see and feel. Her smile is alluring, contagious and as bright as her red umbrella.

She is my little wandering alarm clock. She points at the clock to remind me when it is time for my lunch. She stays by my side and enjoys watching me eat, playing with her red umbrella all the time.

I can spot my little angel in the distance with her red umbrella. The umbrella moves to her tunes. It jumps along with her when she is in joy. It shines bright when she is happy and is stays shut when she misses me. Her umbrella to me is like a reflector of her moods.



Mine isn’t the tale of two states or cities. It is the tale of two worlds. I stay in both the worlds at the same time. While one world is commercial, polluted, populated, and hectic, built with pressures, the other world- my little world with her is full of pleasures. It is a pleasure to keep watching her. To digest in her innocence and to be taken aback by her beauty is my only entertainment.

We walk together. She doesn’t walk, she doesn’t fly she does both at the same time. For what better could a medium be than silence, for love to be conveyed to the souls hopelessly lost in each other? Her silence is enticing. In my world, she holds out the red umbrella for me. She keeps inviting me to share her umbrella and hold her close. Her dreamy eyes are tantalizing. Her passionate kisses complement my desires.

My Lady with her Red Umbrella jolts me back to the other world when needed. She knows right. She knows the best. She knows what is wrong and she guides me through, effortlessly cutting across all hindrances that I face. She is the reason behind what I am today.

I am often bemused by her. My queen is my only source of strength. Without her, I often find myself adrift and disoriented. She and her Red Umbrella are the only assets I own. They are also the only ones that delight me. Her appearance alone exhilarates me.


So who am I? According to those around me, I am a lunatic. I am insane and I am often out of my mind. I belong to the long list of idiots who are lost in love. They have certified me insane years ago. I was conferred with such a title as soon I lost her to an untimely accident. Little do they know that I lost all my sanity when I first saw her.

To this ruthless world, MY Lovely wife is dead. To me she is alert, active, loving, passionate and the most stunning woman ever born. She with her Red Umbrella is the final memory of her, to the mortals here before she was killed in the accident.

These worldly beings now attach her memory to a mere “photograph”. The photograph of her with the red umbrella stays in the walls of few houses including mine. To me, her very picture beautifies the wall of my house.

My angel, my love is the reason I exist.

I, my angel, her red umbrella and our love will remain as immortal as the Good Lord himself.