ZTH Challenge! Hello there!

ZTH Challenge! Hello there!

Well Hello guys!

I’m a few days old to blogging and here I am pursuing this challenge that wordpress offers.

The name of my blog might well suggest you what is is – Of (my) Wishes and Whines. But yes, we do not always stick to a set of genres do we? I do have a lot many things that keep running in my head and I jot them down every now and then. But a few told me maybe i should preserve these, for my own sake and also show it out to those who have similar interests. So I opened this blog exactly as on Apr 1 😀

I did not expect to gather the kind of response that I have gathered today. I’ve reached 700+ views and around 150 followers. I still wonder if I am dreaming. All the same, I wanted to propagate my blog because it is here that I could possibly express anything and everything. So the ZTH challenge sounded pretty interesting and I’ve signed up for the same.

So who am I? A 20yr old girl with lots of varied interests. I am currently doing a creative writing project along with a few others. I recently fell in love with cooking and photography as well. I am pursuing ACCA and I go to classes for the same. I stay in the UAE.

The purpose of my blog? Well, I have wide Interests and the biggest of them all – English.My love for the language never decreases. The idea is to express my thoughts, rantings, wishes and whines! 🙂

Hope I fare well and interest many of you readers in the ZTH challenge!

Take due care!