Sustaining Resolutions! -_-

Sustaining Resolutions! -_-

I solemnly resolve to myself: I shall scribble something on my blog everyday! I have 24 hours in a day. I need utmost half an hour to scribble something. Writing would then become a habit.


Hi there! Maybe it is too early to be talking about not being able to stick to my resolution considering that my blog is just three days old. But I must salute all you bloggers out there, because writing maybe a passion, but doing it regularly is quite hard!

I was this girl, (until a few days back) who wrote on blank word documents or penned down my thoughts on pieces of papers every now and then. I really do not know where the pieces of papers are or where on earth those documents vanished. Maybe I just forgot to save them or I deleted them to save disk space at a very micro level. :p Considering my love for the language English and encouragements from others, I opened this blog and decided to write. This was when I realized that ‘Writing’ everyday is indeed a very tough task. Of course, The Daily Post at gives you ideas, but more often than not, you want to write your own master pieces and being new to the very idea of blogging, I was simply too enthused to write something on my own.

Now any writer I presume would want calm, silent and a peaceful environment. I would possibly be longing all day to stay in a room in a cozy bed without any other work (but writing), with my laptop, a lovely book and a ‘Parker’ (maybe?), possibly some nice soft ‘ARR’ melody in the background and a steaming mug of coffee to support your free flow of thoughts.  I would then call it ‘heaven on earth’!

So this is what happened on this particular day when I tried to write.

#Distraction No (DNo) 1: My darling TV. What else? There goes Mr. Arnab Goswami yelling hysterically under the pretext of carrying out ‘the news hour debate’. Or there is ‘Mr.Ravi Shastri’ hooting in the commentary box, and we have the Super Singers in Vijay TV who receive standing ovations from the Top-rated singers of the Tamil music industry for singing extremely well off-tone. Yes, you read it right- off tone.

*tries best to ignore DNo1* *plugs earphones*

#DNo2: The Land line.  If only UAE charges for the Landline calls, life would be better. Just as I try to focus, it scares the hell out of me by ringing at 120 Db maybe? It has to overpower the TV’s noise right? They have a competition going on. -_-

*picks up the phone, passes it over to someone*

(Mind you, this stunt I perform atleast once every half an hour)

#DNo3: Facebook, of course -_-

*beep* *beep* *beep*

*xyz sent you a new message*

“What is it you want Miss/Mister”?

“Hey! Wassup?”

“Nm, trying hard to spin a story but I’m not focusing.”

“Oh you are writing?”

{Huh? No! I was checking if all the keys were working. -_-}

<Chats for the next 5 minutes.. Brb.>

*Goes offline* *closes FB*

There I’m done! (Thankfully my phone is under Repair! Phew!)

*Goes back to writing*

“So I was thinking….OMG! What Day is today?”

#DNo4: Home Assignments! xD

I have classes and they are pretty good at giving home assignments almost always. Bleh.  -_- I have pending assignments almost till the nth minute.

So I plan out a schedule mentally. Stay up tonight & finish the assignment Sahana.  *Yawn* “Who me? Stays up for assignments?” *chuckles to self*

*scribbles two lines on the word document*

#DNo5: Vocabulary Woes

Of course, I love English but I am not a native speaker of the language. As much as I improve my vocabulary, I almost always have a doubt as to the usage of the word.

All Hail Google. Goes up and solicits the answer from ‘GoogleJi’.

The next half an hour flies in finding other related words or maybe some ad in a site catches my eye and almost always I end up in an online shopping store browsing through bags and kurtis.

The minimized word document reminds me of the activity I was doing- writing. Oh yeah.

*Scribbles the next few lines.*

#DNo6: My own head alright.

Is it always the same with women or is this just me? Why does my head not stay focused in something I want to do? I am writing alright, but my head thinks of things ranging from something as lame as a ‘kajal’ that I had to purchase to something as complex as the science behind a rocket (I am a commerce student, so this is indeed ‘ROCKET SCIENCE’ in my dictionary). So getting my head to focus is the toughest part.

#DNo7: Doorbell.

My family would vanish exactly at the time when the doorbell yells. So I have to push my laptop away, and go to answer the bell. It may be the grocery store uncle with some provisions or the laundry bhaiyya* with the clothes.  It could also be someone who asks me if I want to hire a maid for 25dhs an hour. -_-

Grrrr! GO AWAY! 😡

Oh wait. My head and calculations have their share of my time too. Here we go. What would they earn if they are paid 25dhs an hour, say for 5 days a week in maybe 5 houses? 25x5x5= AED625. What would be the work that they do in each house? What if….oh wait! I was writing right? Chuck this for now.

*bhaiyya means elder brother in Hindi– I should give him the respect he deserves right?

#DNo8: Microsoft Word.

I don’t know what the developers were thinking. But the red, green and blue wriggly lines that appear beneath the text are so irritating. Word- Dude, have some patience! I haven’t finished writing, why are you so bent upon identifying my errors?

#DNo9: Family.

Of course, I am not living in the Amazon forests. I do have people around me and I need to spend time listening/talking/attending to/answering/chatting/eating with them. And the other three members of my family take their own turns at disturbing me :p

“Sahana, come for dinner!”

“Sahana, will you please take a photocopy of this?”

“Sahana, get up, you have been sitting in front of that laptop for too long!”

Akka!* I need the laptop for my school assignment.”

*Akka is the Tamil word for an elder sister, that’s how my brother addresses me.

Me: OKAY! -_-

So after quite some time in hours, I get back to this unfinished piece of writing.

#DNo10: My worst memory.

I have a very poor memory and I tend to forget the very idea behind that writing. So I sit and rack my brains – What on earth was I thinking when I wrote this? Why did I write this? What was the plan? What did I intend conveying?  O.o  o.O

—–DISCARD POST—–   -_-

Maybe if I had written down these in papers or notebooks, I would probably be looking like those actors in Indian Cinema who sit amidst crushed papers strewn all over the room in their bid to write a love letter. Thankfully, I didn’t earn the curses of so many trees.

Well to number they are 10 major distractions, but of course there are many others like sleep for instance, I can hardly bring myself to do something if I’m sleepy. Or my laptop’s poor battery, or a favorite song played somewhere, or the alarm clock in my head that says- charge your SLR battery you fool! Upload the picture you intended to make your display picture you mud head. 😡 Trust me I’m too good at chiding myself.

If I were to name the distractions, the list would be too long and maybe endless. Plus, I am yawning widely now. Maybe you are too, after reading this.

So here I am, done with the post for today.  It is almost 11:55 pm now. I am technically done writing the post.  I will post it when I find time tomorrow! :p (here goes Mr.Word again! correcting letters that generate emoticons :p No! I won’t change the word, neither did I ask for your suggestions dear MS Word. Go home, you are Drunk!)

Finally, Salute to those writing daily. I intend doing the same despite all this.

Good Day Folks! Or is it night? O.o