Miss Mystical <3

Miss Mystical <3

True Friends are never apart, maybe in distance but not in heart!

[One such dedication to a friend]


She walked into my life,
Like that mild wind,
The wind that whistles past trees,
she is my daily breeze!

Her eyes tell it all,
Those Magnetic ones are mirrors,
They catch you before the fall
And reflect to you your errors

The heart of a child,
Innocent as she can be,
Warm, loving and mild,
Like the tides of the sea.



A soul of gold,
A twin to my mind,
Outspoken and bold,
She is one of a kind!

Like the atmosphere around earth,
Her presence I always feel,
For her Care, there aint any dearth,
Shez a woman of true zeal

To think of the magic,
The magic tht she has done to me,
The magic that lacks logic,
True Friendship is the key

Forget her not in lifetime,
Sinner I would be if I do,
For in my memories she is prime,
Indeed she is a soul so true.