Words Left Unsaid – Random as it can get!

Words Left Unsaid – Random as it can get!

Behind my smile, the bright smile I flash

Behind my smile are words.

Words than run through my head,

Words left unsaid.

For Time shall give an answer

An answer that will answer all doubts raised.

An answer that will move away the cloud of suspicion

An answer that will give you the ray of hope.


But my friend, lets just hope

Time does not take his own time

Lets just hope it is all said

before we lose the moment.


Broken hearts, welled up tears

shall be cleared

May trust be restored

May love flourish


I’d wait till then,

I would pray to the gleaming sun

To give back what was taken

To redecorate the lost colour

To rebuild the broken bond

To come back better and strong.

For Some things are better left unspoken…..